Therapy Environment

Dr. Morrison currently sees children privately in a pool with minimal external distractions.  
Therapy is conducted one on one to address occupational therapy goals and objectives
that have been determined by the family and therapist.  

Being in the water we naturally achieve a motivating, sensory rich environment.  Water
provides sensory input that overloads hypersensitivity to tactile input frequently felt by
children with sensory processing disorders. Movement through the water provides
proprioceptive feedback through the natural resistance of water, in turn increasing overall
sensory awareness and body awareness.   On land we only feel feedback from movement in
a downward direction from gravitational pull, but in water feedback from movement is
provided in all planes. The feedback from the water will help organize the sensory system to
achieve a just right level of arousal allowing for the participant to engage in challenging
Poseidon Therapy L.L.C.
                               "On land I try, in water I fly"