Frequent Asked Questions

What is the cost?

The cost of therapy aquatic based occupational therapy is $85 an hour.  Please contact
Poseidon Therapy for cost of specialized SCUBA and dolphin programs.

What do you work on the pool and what are the goals?

Aquatic therapy is very flexible and specific to the needs of the child.  Goals addressed are
the same that would be worked on in a traditional occupational therapy session.  
Depending on the needs and your specific goals for therapy, a session is designed to work
on a variety of components such as fine motor, visual motor, gross motor and sensory
integration.  Being in the water we naturally achieve a motivating, sensory rich
environment.  The feedback from the water will help organize the sensory system to
achieve a just right level of arousal to engage in challenging tasks.  While addressing
therapeutic goals, your child is also developing swimming skills, water safety and
overcoming water fears if they are present.  It has also been noted that working in the water
helps desensitize gravitational and postural insecurities.  

Where does therapy take place?

Therapy takes place at Denver Divers, a SCUBA diving facility located in Cherry Creek
North.  We rent the indoor pool for a private session with minimal distractions from other

Do you do ongoing weekly, bi-weekly?

There is no commitment for a specific number of sessions or frequency of therapy.  It is the
choice of the family if you would like to participate in a session once a week or if you
would simply like to try out one session of therapy.  
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