Goals Addressed During Therapy

Aquatic based occupational therapy is traditional occupational therapy in a
nontraditional environment.  Goals addressed are the same that would be targeted in a
traditional occupational therapy session.  Depending on the child’s needs and your
family’s specific goals for therapy an individualized therapy program is designed.  Therapy
sessions address a variety of components which can include fine motor, visual motor,
gross motor and self-regulation.  In addition, ADL skills such as dressing and functional
independence are woven throughout the therapy session.  While addressing therapeutic
goals, your child is also developing swimming skills, water safety and overcoming water
fears if they are present.   

Leslie is excited to expand Poseidon Therapy and offer programs she has previously
provided including SCUBA and dolphin therapy programs that offer traditional
occupational therapy in a nontraditional setting.  Both SCUBA and dolphin assisted
therapy programs offer occupational therapy that addresses the same goals that would
be worked toward in a clinic setting.  In the SCUBA therapy program, SCUBA diving is
utilized as therapeutic tool to allow you to experience weightlessness, parting the waters
for physical success. If interested in pursuing dolphin assisted therapy, Poseidon Therapy
will travel to an ocean destination to access a dolphin facility.  During dolphin assisted
therapy, dolphin interactions are used as a motivational tool to achieve therapeutic
gains.  If you are interested in the dolphin assisted program or the SCUBA diving therapy
program please contact Dr. Morrison for additional information.  
Poseidon Therapy L.L.C.
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